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Life project

2021Copyright©lujuiting, all rights reserved.

​Life project

I feel that life is so unpredictable that I want to memory something  touched may hear and someone who shared their time with me.

so I started to photography someone I meet.

Kevin & Cheki

​Kevin & Cheki

Warabi & taffy

Ruru & Warabi & Taffy

Keep contuinuing~



​The way I see life




盧 瑞婷

 Born in Taipei Taiwan

Major fashion design in Fu Jen Catholic University.

2008 Study abroad in Tokyo Japan

​Now working for advertising company In Tokyo


There are lots of way people call me.

Someone call me Rosie, someone call me 瓜(gua), and someone call me 盧(ro) or Lu.

I am not care about how people call me, just only I know you are talking to me, caring about how I feel, sharing your life with me.I will be appreciate.

special thank for Annie's English hand writing

2021Copyright©lujuiting, all rights reserved.

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